Contemporary Technology with Traditional Style

There are many power boats available on the market but at Van Munster Boats, we have taken a great deal of pleasure in developing a more traditional style boat that still takes advantage of the modern technologies we have available to us.  The Sanctuary 620 is such a boat. This pretty trailable motor launch is proudly Australian inspired, designed and built. At 6.2m (21ft) and with a displacement of just 1240kgs the Sanctuary 620 it is easy to handle. You can leisurely cruise all day at 6-7knots with the reliable 30hp Yanmar diesel. Using the boat won’t break the bank as it draws on just 3-5 litres per hour. The shaft drive diesel provides plenty of power for a top speed of 14knots.

The Sanctuary 620 delivers simplicity, versatility and practicality making the boat easy to use and a pleasure to own.