At Van Munster Boats, we have a long history and track record of building race winning skiffs. Whether it's a 12', 16' or 18' skiff, we can build you a boat that will give you a competitive edge. Simple as that.

A Bit Of History

The 18-Footers Class was born in the 1890's to satisfy a need for a boat, which was within the means of the "average man" and would provide good competitive racing to attract public interest.
These rules have been framed to uphold this philosophy.
• To provide good, fair, close racing;
• To minimise the cost of competition;
• To produce an attractive vehicle for public entertainment;
• To provide enjoyment for all competitors and
• To encourage new recruits.
• To stabilise the class by restricting hull shape until the year 2008, but allowing all other rules to be reviewed year by year, so as to accommodate in particular carbon fibre masts, boom and wings as they become more cost effective.
In all cases of dispute, the intent and spirit of the Rules will take precedence.