GP26 Construction


GP26 - offshore sports yacht

The Boat

The structures are designed and built to ABS standards and the standard GP 26 box rule complies with minimum ORC Cat 4 safety regulations for short offshore racing capabilities.   

Van Munster built GP26  class yachts are manufactured from the most premium materials available to ensure the highest quality product. The hull and deck structures are built from CNC generated tools, the deck in a female and the hull from a male tool.  All Structures are vacuum laminated from SP systems Ampreg 22 epoxy resin system with high grade Corecell foam and unidirectional E- glass reinforcements.

To achieve a beautiful light weight and high strength boat the hull and deck components are Vacuum laminated in a two step Wet preg process. The light weight skins consist of pre impregnated unidirectional fibers which are carefully placed along the predetermined load paths over the tool. The core is sealed and the skins and core are vacuum bagged together in one hit. This process reduced weight in bonding the core to the inside skin and allows any excess resin to be bleed into the consumables pack.The core is then carefully faired and the outside skins are laminated and vacuum bagged in the second step. The hull and deck have not required any fairing compound further saving weight.

Components for the internal structures of the boat are Custom fabricated Duflex panels from ATL composites.  The internals are CNC machined for a precise fit to the hull and deck structures.   The topsides, cockpit sides, cabin sides are finished in high gloss polyurethane, the deck, cabin top and cockpit sole are polyurethane anti- skid finish. The interior is also a superb white hi- gloss polyurethane finish.


Rudder –

 Carbon fiber rudders are built from custom CNC Milled female moulds to produce a lightweight, high strength efficient foil.  The stock is Carbon and to maintain the theme the custom built tiller is finished in high gloss clear carbon. The bearings are self aligning.

Keel and Bulb –

As dictated by the GP26 class rule the keel shall be steel. So high strength Bisalloy 80 is used in the fabrication of the fin structure. The . All high loaded shear pins and studs are from high strength SAF 2205 stainless. A CNC machined bulb pattern is used to cast the high lift low drag torpedo bulb. The finished arrangement is at class maximum with the lowest possible center of gravity for maximum righting moment.


The Tacktick T108 system are recomnded for its simplicity, weight saving and no requirement for wiring and it is also self powered. The NMEA interface allows for the connection to a laptop and chart plotter.

The Performance

The GP 26 is very competitive against larger, heavier and more expensive production cruiser/ racers.  With an IRC rating of around 1.069 it is equivilant in performane of a boats 10 feet longer. Downwind speeds of 20+ knots are easily capable

 The modern hull form of the GP 26 is well balanced and easily driven and when combined with a high 50% ballast- displacement ratio makes the boat an absolute weapon around the track.

The rig is powerful with generous upwind sail area set up on a simple single spreader carbon fiber rig. Jibs are large and non-overlapping.

The modern hull form and light displacement powered by large mast head asymmetric Spinnakers guarantee exciting skiff style downwind performance.

The simple and clean functional deck layout makes the boat easy to handle for club racing and twilight sailing. Add some of your good sailing mates to the crew and you can go mix it with the big boys in the prestigious grand prix sailing regattas.