General facts about Van Munsters

Honour Roll

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  • 2009 18' Skiff World Champion
  • 2008 18' World Champion


Company Profile

Van Munster Boats purpose built composite production facility is based in Morisset  NSW Australia. Our core business is building custom racing yachts, high performance skiffs and lightweight components in carbon fibre composites.

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  • Van Munster Boats is a second generation family run business and is at the forefront in the highly specialised sector of building carbon fibre hulls and structures for race yachts.
  • On these projects we work with the best composite engineers and industry's leading naval architect’s to turn original conception into reality.
  • In order to deliver products that meet the highest standards our processes and applied technologies are continually refined and developed to deliver “state of the art” race yachts.
  • Our team is highly trained and motivated to be fully focused to provide our clients with a world class product at the most competitive price.
  • Van Munster Boats have won more national and world championships than we can remember!

All Van Munster boats are meticulously hand built to order. The latest construction techniques and the best materials are combined with traditional skills to create the highest quality World Championship winning boats. Van Munster Boats specialize in the manufacture of High- tech Pre preg composites. High strength, light weight Pre preg composites are used to build a wide range of high performance racing dinghy's including the spectacular 12ft, 16ft and 18ft skiffs as well as the popular international 505 and the junior Australian Sabot class. Boats can be supplied in various stages from bare carbon shells through to race tuned ready to sail.

Van Munster Boats have a purpose built facility that has been designed for the construction of high- tech composite structures and components for sailing dinghys, and custom yachts to 60ft. The new facility features an oven for high temperature cure of pre preg composites and post curing of laminates. A climate controlled laminating area ensures that components are of the highest quality and consistency, for ultimate performance. Van Munster Boats are regularly sub contracted by larger yards to supply complex components for their big projects.

Other services that Van Munster boats can supply are the manufacture of custom foils, refit, repair and modifications to existing boats, spray painting, mould making. A wide range of specialty fittings for racing dinghy's are kept in stock and can be sourced for your requirements.

Van Munster Boats also supply's Kevlar/Carbon pre preg components for specialty military applications. These components are precisely manufactured in High temperature CNC machined aluminum tooling. Architectural and industrial composite components can also be custom manufactured.

The team at Van Munster Boats will turn your dream into a reality.