2012 Sabot Options & Pricing

 From just $4950

2012 Van Munster HT sabots now come with a ten year gelcoat delamination warranty.

 The Sabot

The sabot is a single sail junior training dinghy, a great boat to learn the skills of sailing and racing to an Australian Championship level. The Sabot is a perfect sailing boat for two kids under twelve or solo to the age of sixteen.   The Sabot sailing dinghy is a fantastic little boat that is sailed extensively on the east coast of Australia. The Sabot class has been active for over fifty years and throughout this time many top sailors have started their sailing in the sabot. Sailing provides Kids with a new skills set, teaches responsibility, provides great lifestyle opportunities and fosters lifelong friendships by sailing locally, travelling to competitions, training and competing in regatta’s.

Van Munster Boatbuilders have developed the very best Australian Sabot class dinghy for those who are serious about enjoying their sailing. The new Van Munster design has proven to be very popular, fast with great longevity.  It has been successful sailed and raced in all the east coast states . It is the only sabot to have!

About Van Munster Sabots

 Van Munster Sabots are all meticulously built from the very best materials by trained Australian shipwrights. The boats are built from a light weight, high strength foam sandwich laminates. The boats are vacuum bagged and post cure in our oven. The very best resins, fabric reinforcements and closed cell foams are used to build the boats. This process ensures very high quality with great longevity providing the owners with outstanding value for money.

Boats have a minimum 5 year workmanship guarantee. The lifespan of a well maintained Van Munster Sabot can be expected to be nearly 20 years.

Van Munster Boats have a worldwide reputation for building the very best quality sailing dinghy’s.  They are the equipment of choice even by top class Olympic gold medallists and Americas cup sailors

 General Specifications



  • Nairn Inspection ports                            
  • Self bailer (riley)               
  • S/S Chainplates                             
  • Saddles for hiking straps     



  • Mast step                                                                                                                           
  • Vang pulley                                                      
  • Vang Cleat                                                         
  • Vang cleat  rope guide                                      
  • 2 x Saddles for mainsheet system                    
  • 2 X mainsheet pulleys    30mm dia                                        
  • 1 X ratchet block for mainsheet system           
  • 2 X rudder gudgeons                                                                                
  • 1 X centre case  slot gasket                         
  • 6mm  excel mainsheet rope                       
  • 4mm Dynex vang rope                                 
  • Rudder Pin s/s                                                  
  •  Padded hiking straps                                                                                                    


Foil Package

  • Includes Centreboard, rudder and tiller finished in high gloss gelcoat
  • CAD designed for optimum performance
  • Fabricated from CNC machined moulds for precision hydrodynamic shape.                         
  • Rudder Gudgeons                                                                                                          
  • Ronstan “battlestick” tiller extension  


  • 43mm aluminium spun tapered Goldspar mast with sail track                                     
  • G3 gooseneck fitting                                                                                     
  • Mast base                                                                                                                          
  • Mast stays X3                                                                                                                   
  • Mast head sheave                                                                                                          
  • Mainsail halyard                                                                                                              
  • Mainsail halyard lock                                                                                                       


  • Goldspar boom Section with sail track                                                                                                   
  • Inboard end plug for gooseneck fitting                                                 
  • Saddles for mainsheet/ outhaul and Vang take off                          
  • Supplied from Hooper sails Melbourne
  • Includes sail numbers,  battens and sail bag                                                                        


  • padded aluminium holding cradle            

Price list

Hull  (only)                                          $4950


Supplied                                       $772.80

Installation                                    $260

Foil Package                                 $890

Tiller extension and gudgeons         $193

Mast                                             $926

Boom                                            $249

Cradle                                           $550


Complete Boat price              $8790.80 

Hulls are white with a choice of internal non skid colours.

Contact Van Munster boats to discuss your prfered colour.

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Price subject to Change without notification. Pleae contact Van Munster Boats for Price Confirmation