GP26 Options & Pricing

Packages are available from just $88,000  (with fleet discounts available)

GP 26 particularsAus_sailing_photo3

  • LOA- 7.92m
· Light displacement -1050kgs
· High ballast ratio- 500kgs
· Generous upwind sail area
· Carbon Rig – simple single spreader
· Non-overlapping jibs
· Large asymmetric Kites provide skiff like performance
· Capable of downwind speeds of 20knots +
· 10knts boat speed in 10knts true wind.
· Designed to race with a 4-5 crew (340kg max crew weight)
· Easy to sail with just 2-3 people
· Cheap to run
· Simple
· Fun, Fast and Exciting to sail.


The GP 26 performs well beyond its waterline length . The boat is easy to sail short handed. Light displacement and a clean functional deck layout  make it a great boat for club racing and twilight sailing with your partner and friends.

The well balanced, easily driven modern hull form powered by a simple single spreader carbon rig with non overlapping jibs makes the boat a great performer and beautiful to sail upwind. The GP 26 has a 50% ballst to displacment ratio which generates fantastic righting moment.  The light displacement (1000kg lighter than a Mumm 30) powered by large mast head asymmetric spinnakers guarantee exciting downwind  performance . The  GP26 acheives speeds over twenty knots downwind with the top recorded boat speed of 24knots at the 2011 Hamilton island race week.

Custom buildINTERNAL_1

The GP26 class yachts are a custom series built package. The current series of GP 26 Class racing yacht are built to the design and engineering specifications of Fred Barrett Yacht design. A considerable amount of detail and computer aided technology has been utilized in the design process to ensure that the GP26 is a modern, well built, fast, exciting and most importantly fun to sail. 

Boats are manufactured from the  premium materials to ensure the highest quality product for strength and longevity. All Structures are vacuum laminated from SP systems Ampreg 22 epoxy resin system with high grade Corecell foam and unidirectional E glass reinforcements as allowed under class rules. The hulls are laminated over a CNC generated male mould and the deck from a CNC generated female mould. Frames and internal structures for the boats are precision CNC cut. To save weigh and produce the very best quality finish the hull and deck is filled and fared with an epoxy hi- build and undercoat system. The topsides, cockpit sides, cabin sides are finished in high gloss polyurethane, the deck, cabin top and cockpit sole are polyurethane anti- skid finish. The interior is a superb white hi- gloss polyurethane finish.

Boats can be supplied to various stages of completion or as individual components for the DIY builder .

Contact Brett on 02 49736662  to discuss the latest specifications and available options.